Petites Morts in the ROT issue of The Learned Pig, July 2020

"We are born of indigestion."

"There was always contamination and collaboration before there was you and me: the bacteria in our gut, the mites who clean our eyelashes, all the innumerable microbiota who inhabit our bodies, who are our bodies."

"In the age of a pandemic, we have no choice but to recognise this virus as our body too."

~ Julia Cavicchi, editor, ROT
Petite Mort II, LED Lightbox, 30x40cm, 2016

Brilliantly conceived and edited by Julia Cavicchi, ROT is a wide-ranging celebration of cross-contamination, co-creation & collaboration - across disciplines, across species.

Featuring artists, activists, ecologists & more, ROT is a rich compost heap of ideas, a place to learn to attend not only to our creaturely kin but also to our toxic progeny.…