In The Beginning, cyanotype on Hahnemüle paper, 42 x 30 cm, 2020
I began to make these works while an artist in residence on the Greek island of Symi in 2018.The cyanotype process seemed an appropriate medium to encounter and capture the unique light of the place. As for the objects I gleaned on my walks and the stories I read or listened to, they prompted reflections on human consumption and waste, its impact on marine life, and perhaps a deeper understanding of the notion of ‘Anthropocene’. I started to imagine new forms of life emerging, strange hybrids of fish and plastic, when making the work. But I also became acutely aware of the positive impact of the sea, the dazzling light and clear skies on me, as if they imprinted themselves on my mind and body, as inevitably as they did on the photographic film and photosensitive paper that made these images.